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About Us

House of Crocodile is a company that focuses on high quality and luxury 100% genuine exotic skin animal leather baseball caps .
Our brand is an exlusive online boutique who deliver all around the world.
The hats are handcrafted by our designers from Italy.
It is important for us to focus on the details so every hat is thoroughly tested by us with much thought.
Our factories are located in Asia and process skins from all over the world.
Exotic leather hats are original and very special.
The hats upgrade each look and make each person feel special due to wearing them.
The hats are suitable for all seasons and are designed to fit in size for everyone.
The selection is wide in order to meet everyone's personal taste.
The hats are lightweight, tailored  and durable to everyone.
Hats of this type are timeless and fit fashion.
Hats are a classic item in the world where fashion controls .
Our vision is to be the number one lifestyle brand of innovative exotic baseball caps.
The most important value  is satisfied customers with our service, quality of the products and with easy purchase on the site in the best convenient way.
We invite you to take part in our journey, enter the world and discover the ultimate luxury style.
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